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Bloggers: Watch Your Health

Bloggers: Watch Your Health

A recent post on Performancing reminds us bloggers to watch our health. Ryan Caldwell gives 27 simple health tips for bloggers. These include getting enough sleep, exercise, computer breaks, and plenty of water. One great thing about Ryan’s tips is that it includes sex. Yes, sex is supposedly good for your physical health and mental stability!

The good news is that I can personally attest to the fact that respecting and committing time to the health of your own body can pay huge dividends. Your mind will be clearer. Your motivation to act and be productive will get stronger. Your ability to interact with and enjoy other people will increase.

Staying in front of the computer all day can be taxing to one’s physical and mental health. I, for one, have been feeling symptoms of RSI, and I’m constantly at a lack of sleep. And it’s not only bloggers that should keep these tips in mind. Any person whose work, business or pastime involves staying in front of the computer for extended times during the day also need to watch his or her health closely.

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