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BloggersTargeted in German Spam Attack

BloggersTargeted in German Spam Attack

Reports coming in that bloggers are being targeted in a spam attack including extreme-right wing messages out of Germany.

Interestingly, GMail has not picked them up, with the Blog Herald receiving at least 2 dozen of the messages in the inbox.

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  • Ah, that’s what all those German Spam messages sent to my secondary mail accounts were about. I only know the commonly known German words, like verboten and Volkswagen, so I had no idea what they were about. And one of the secondary mail addresses has no connection to either of my blogs, so I don’t think it is just bloggers, tough bloggers might be the prime target. At least one of the German spam messages had a spoofed sender address of, which is Jerry Falwell’s little fundimentalist university in Virginia, which I found very very interesting.

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