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Blogging Across America

Blogging Across America

PCWorld>My wife and I just drove 12,000 miles through 30 states and parts of Canada over 11 weeks. It was exhilarating, but sometimes lonely–staying in touch with friends and family during an extended road trip can be tough. At the end of a long day, you don’t want to write out a half dozen postcards. But with a little help from the Web, you don’t have to: That’s the beauty of a photo blog.
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  • Right on! The story author has the right idea. I am amazed that people still say stuff like “send me a picture!” when you announce that the class pictures have arrived, or you’ve just returned from a vacation, or just bought a new vehicle, or such — all you have to do is upload a picture to a website/blog, and your whole family/friends/etc can see how little Johnny is doing, or the new car, or pictures of your vacation, etc.

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