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Blogging Ampersands

Blogging Ampersands

I agree with Gruber, this is truly a focused blog! The Ampersand blogs about, you guessed it, ampersands. Only ampersands. And you know what? It kind of works, because we’re linking it and so does Kottke and Liquidicity, and probably even more than that. The design twist of it all makes it something anyone remotely interested in typography, logo design, or just ampersands I guess, can at least take a quick peek at. Got to love niche blogging, right?

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  • Actually, I had a great time researching and covering ampersands in Battling Ampersands in Your Blog Design and Code here on the Blog Herald. While I’ve had a tough time with them in publishing code on blogs, comments, and forums, I didn’t realize they had such a rich history in typography and programming.

    I love it when people find their passion and share it through their blogs. Niche or not, it’s fun to see all the different subjects people can turn into specialties and become experts in the world.

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