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Blogging causing social problems amongst teens

Blogging causing social problems amongst teens

Yahoo! News new news search supported by moreover has bought up an interesting finding this morning (+8 GMT) after typing in Blogs: the famous Dear Abby is now providing advice to teen bloggers on how saying nasty things about their friends on their blogs for the whole world to see can cause them to loose their friends. This classic peice of advice is reprinted here at The Blog Herald for immediate reader attention.

DEAR ABBY: I am a 14-year-old girl about to start my freshman year in high school. Most of my friends (including myself) have Web logs — or “blogs.”

Blogs are online diaries where we record all kinds of stuff about ourselves. Of course, we’re careful not to give out personal information like where we live, etc. But some of my friends get very offended at what is written about them.

I have several friends who have stopped speaking to each other after reading not-so-nice things about themselves in the blogs. I speak from experience, because I’ve been repeatedly bashed for my anti-war views, among other things.

In spite of this, the Web log trend continues to be popular. What’s your opinion on this? — BLOGGIN’ AND LOVIN’ IT IN NEW JERSEY

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DEAR BLOGGIN’: The written word takes on a life of its own and never dies — particularly in cyberspace. That is why it’s important that a person carefully consider what he or she is posting before making it public. I cannot urge people strongly enough to remember that on the Internet there is no such thing as an eraser. The messages live on and on for all to see. Read on:

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  • Blogs are definitely causing grief for everyone. I just read about a guy who got fired because of his blog. I’m sure worse things have happened.

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