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Blogging for a job

Blogging for a job

An interesting tale in the Chicago Tribune about bloggers being employed on the strength of their blogs and blogging: although we would not be alone in disagreeing with the headline given to the story:
An unlikely new source of writing talent: Blogs | Chicago Tribune
“The publication that got Elizabeth Spiers her job at New York magazine never saw print. Her witty synthesis of media news and celebrity gossip was showcased on a frequently updated Web log (or “blog”) called, which made its debut late last year and soon became a daily stop for more than 40,000 Web surfers, including much of Manhattan’s media elite.”

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  • its interesting to see this – I’d often wondered whether blogging could lead into something else career wise…not that I’m thinking about it….but surely it will happen for some!?

  • I’d been put off of reading the Trib story by the headline. Somehow, it seems not “unlikely” but, rather, very likely that blogs would be recognized as a source of writing talent. Now that I’ve read the article, I can see that the headline was quite misleading. There’s some interesting info in the story.

    As blogging becomes more well-known and understood (mainstream?), I think we’ll see more and more budding professional journalists using the blog as both an online portfolio and a means to hone their writing skills.

    I haven’t seen any news of it yet, but I don’t think it will be long before we see universities and even high schools offering courses in blogging. If I were teaching high school English, I’d be pushing hard for students to blog.

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