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Blogging For Boobs

Blogging For Boobs

Je Maverick of Web for Humanity recently shared with us his latest campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer: Blogging for Boobs. October, after all, is breast cancer awareness month, and Web for Humanity thinks blogging is a great way to let people know about the importance of detection and treatment.

In an attempt to spread this awareness (with the added hope of raising a mountain of cash to aid breast cancer researchers in their hunt for a cure), myself and some colleagues in favour of the idea have chosen to put on a blogging event.

Blogging For Boobs is an event that is hinged around the need to make people aware that they should regularly self-examine breasts for lumps or growths. Whilst men are susceptible to developing cancer of the breasts and should also self-examine, the much larger percentage of those afflicted with the cancer are women. Globally, approximately 1.5 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

The online event will be held on October 28th, and bloggers are encouraged to write about anything that can raise awareness over the matter.

[W]hile breast cancer awareness is the topic that we are lending our support to, the topic does not necessarily have to be about breast cancer. Blogging in support of breast cancer awareness, no matter what the subject, will help us to create a much needed awareness network in order to promote the cause.

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We would like to see as many personal anecdotes and stories on the subject, so if you have these to tell then we would appreciate your contribution. Please remember to keep all posts tasteful.

You can send email to boobs (at) for entries and for other inquiries. Je’s blog also has avatars, badges and buttons you can add to your blog if you wish to participate.

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  • I’d like to thank J. Angelo Racoma and Splashpress Media for their assistance in the promotion of this cause. All concerned truly appreciate it.

    I’d also like to invite all bloggers that have a piece they’d like to submit (or write) to send me their links so that I can plug them into a network that already has a reach of thousands.

    Once again, thank you. You’ve helped make a difference, and that’s never a small thing.

  • Please be a part of this ever so important event, each and every one of us has been touched in some way. Do your part to create not only care and awareness but kindness and understanding. Share you stories, share your hope, share your love
    Live, love, laugh and learn
    ~Just Gina

  • Je’is doing a great job and I wish to thank all those that are participating and this site for letting people know Bloggers making a difference is a wonderful thing.

  • I’ve read about it on one of the blogging forums, and have already marked my calendar! In fact, I have posted 5 awareness posts on breast cancer on my personal blog in my own personal bid to spread awareness on the deadly-but-preventable disease, and the last post was Breast cancer symptoms.

  • Yes friends, there is no doubt that we need proper awareness for fighting breast cancer, but what about India, Africa or other asian countries, where women lives in house & has no awareness about this issue.

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