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Blogging Hurricane Rita

Blogging Hurricane Rita

Another day, another storm, or so it certainly seems to many in the Southern United States at the moment with Hurricane Rita threatening Texas, and bloggers and blogs (including the now common site of the MSM blogging major events) are providing around the clock coverage.

Jeff’s Weather Blog has a number of amazing photo’s

The Houston Chronicle has a dedicated blog covering Rita

WWLTV is blogging the storm, as is KRISTV.

MSNBC now just has a dedicated Hurricane Blog, why bother setting up one just for Rita when there seems to be a new one every second week.

The Ocean Engineering Blog is covering Rita including updates and discussion

Stormtrack as well.

Technorati coverage of updating blogs is available here

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Storm Digest is covering Rita after their excellent coverage of Katrina

Jeff Masters
at Weather Underground

Photo’s are already starting to come in on Flickr here.

If you know of any other sites covering Rita leave a comment with the details.

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