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Blogging In Iran — Much More Than Petty Geekfights

Blogging In Iran — Much More Than Petty Geekfights

While it often seems like much of the North American blogosphere is dominated by celebrity gossip and other trivialities, I think its always good to go back to how blogging can be used for so much more, in placed where personal freedoms are valued so much less.

A lot has been written about the difficulties bloggers face in the Middle East, such as Iran, where such freedoms are restricted.  In places like this, the Internet and blogging have played powerful roles in disseminating contrary thoughts and opinions, but in many cases, merely the honest voice of the people.  And at times, at great personal risk to themselves.

While we can all mosey over to, sometimes its good to get a good ol’ fashioned report on things.  If that’s your sentiment as well, check out a recent article in the Boston Globe (aside: watch out for the forced registration after page two; it asks for a surprising amount of information and is clumsy and heavy handed to boot.  If anyone asks, I DO live in the Congo!) which excellently describes the kind of conditions ordinary folks endure — and how bloggers are trying to make a difference in changing that opinion, one post at a time.

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Aside: We are looking for bloggers in all locales all around the world.  If you know of any in the Middle East, South America or Africa who might be interested in working for us, please email me at anthony(dot)hung(at) 

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