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Blogging Los Alamos

Blogging Los Alamos

A city simulation programmer from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the famed US federal nuclear-weapons laboratory run by UCLA since 1943, is gaining attention after having set up Blogger blog as a point for staff frustrated at working conditions and management at the Laboratory.

Douglas Roberts of Nambe, New Mexico, has become a conduit for a surging, Internet-powered opposition to senior management at the laboratory, with the blog featuring lab staffers, named and anonymous, railing at Los Alamos director George Nanos and demanding his resignation.

Whether the blog breaches privacy or Government secrecy laws is not known, but an open discussion on a top-secret Nuclear facility in the blogosphere would have to be raising eyebrows somewhere.

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  • I cannot get to the “Blogger blog” page anymore. Your system now takes me to the sign up page for a blog. What is going on?

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