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Blogging not leading to financial prosperity

Blogging not leading to financial prosperity

HoustonChronicle> If you think those Web journals of opinions and obsessions are a way to get rich, consider Jeff Soyer, a self-described “gay gun nut” in Vermont. Soyer, who runs the journal, pleaded for donations last month alongside an image of a tip jar topped by gun-toting cartoon character Yosemite Sam. “Ten bucks buys a box of bullets or feeds my cats for a week,” he wrote. Days passed and he received nothing. “By next week this domain could belong to a porno site,” he subsequently posted. “Maybe you folks think that would be a better thing. I’m starting to think so, too.” Only after other bloggers linked to his request did he receive enough donations to pay the $117 for a domain name and a year of Web hosting fees. read more>

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  • ooo boy, what a horrible thing. i dont want this to happen to me. therefore i have a free blog on blogger and i think i will be making money from it soon. i am on my way to personal growth , peace and abundance. no one can stop me.
    good luck to all bloggers
    faraz ahmed
    author of self help and spirituality blog

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