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Blogging Rising Amongst Elderly. Proper Grammar, Spelling, a Shock To Blogosphere

Blogging Rising Amongst Elderly. Proper Grammar, Spelling, a Shock To Blogosphere

In a very interesting poll done by Ipsos, there is a slow by significant trend to older individuals taking up blogging. In an article posted by South African news service , there are examples of groups of seniors blogging from old age homes, seniors vlogging on YouTube, and others yet blogging from the privacy of their own homes. Perhaps Don Crowdis isn’t the only nonagenerian blogger on the planet!

Bucking the trend that the aged have difficulty with turning on computers, hooking up to the interwebs and reading their emails, the European poll of 2 200 web surfers in five European countries (Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) found that 14% of those aged 45-54, and 11% of those between 55 and 64, read blogs and forums – not far from the overall average of 17%.

The funniest part of the article is the backhanded age-ism behind a quote attributed to the head of Ipsos’s Technology Division in explaining why older surfers were taking to blogging:

“That’s pretty logical, because blogs take time to read, and old people often have that time, and they’re more alone,”

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Nevertheless, for a breakdown and examples of senior citizen blogging head over to for a report that, for me anyway, was really pretty mindblowing. I suspect that most of our own opinions are colored by the few individuals we do meet who might have trouble with technology; clearly, however, there is a subset of seniors who are not only keen to try things like blogging, but will avidly take it up as well.

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  • You mean a “blog” that *you* author, Riccardo? (It may be ablog, but it looks like a forum). Hmmm … maybe we should draft a comment policy on utterly shameless promotion.



  • Mr. T, shameless promotion to some, solid info about something unique to others. A forum to some, a blog to others. No need for this judge, jury and executioner thing. Show me another blogger who tells the real story about what’s truly going on in the 4th largest nation on earth and most populous Muslim nation on earth.

    Maybe nobody cares, but it’s not like I’m selling Britney’s undies or passing viruses. Good gracious, I was merely pointing to a serious, sober, informative site (not mine btw, I’m just one of several mods) about something the mainstream media in America and Europe either don’t cover or don’t fully comprehend.

    So yeah, sounds good mate, go ahead and “draft a comment policy” in order to censor people who have the backbone to tell the world what’s going on in SouthEast Asia amongst these military tyrants. Yeah, let’s make sure everyone just remains as ignorant as possible.

  • Riccardo! Mate! … take it easy, man! :D

    1. Apologies if I thought it was your forum blog — when all of the entries above the fold are authored by someone, the natural inclination is to think they are in fact, owned by that person

    2. My commentary on shameless promotion was about the promotion of your content — not the content itself. What do I mean by shameless? It doesn’t matter if your stuff is about revealing injustices in South East Asia, Brittany’s underwear, or Sunshine and Gumdrops under Rainbow skies.

    The fact is that your comment was off topic — WAY, off topic.  Come on man: I was posting on senior citizens and blogging.  The title is a play on that topic.  Second of all, to promote your site where it is off topic, for many, would be thought of as shameless (i.e. shameless self-promotion).

    I don’t mind shameless self-promotion from time to time — I do it myself, in fact.  But if perhaps if we can ask you to reserve yours for when appropriate topics to come up?
    For example, a few days ago I posted on bloggers in Iran, over here:
    Maybe you should reserve your commentary, which is no doubt intelligent and informed, for when those kinds of posts appear.

    Best of the holidays,

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