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BlogHer announces expanded 2008 events lineup: Blogher ’08, BlogHer Business ’08, BlogHer Reach Out Tour

BlogHer announces expanded 2008 events lineup: Blogher ’08, BlogHer Business ’08, BlogHer Reach Out Tour

BlogHer Inc., the community and network for blogs authored by women, has announced an expanded 2008 program of events, including the annual conference, specialized business blogging conference, and a tour of six eastern and southern American cities.

“In our fourth year, we are excited to produce events that embody what we find women are seeking online: Greater fulfillment via community connection and exposure for their blogs,” said Elisa Camahort, BlogHer Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. “Our members inspired our theme — Reach! — and in addition to our annual and business conferences, we’re excited to hit the road in October with BlogHer’s first-ever Reach Out Tour, as we endeavor to bring together members of our community in more areas of the country.”

The conference series includes the following:

BlogHer ’08 – Reach!
July 18-21, 2007, San Francisco, CA, The Westin St. Francis Hotel

The annual conference offers quality networking opportunities and participation in unique programming focused on the many ways women bloggers are changing the landscape of technology, online media and journalism.

BlogHer Business ’08 – Reach! Your Customers Are Where the Action Is
April 3-4, 2008, New York City, The Affinia Manhattan Hotel

The conference will deliver a focused, common-sense approach to how companies can work with social media to serve their customers. “BlogHer Business” will offer case studies, workshops and consultative programming to help attending companies take advantage of the best the social media world has to offer.

BlogHer Reach Out Tour
Mid-October, 2008: Six Cities in Two Weeks

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The BlogHer Reach Out Tour schedules visits to Boston, Washington D.C., Greensboro, Nashville, Atlanta and New Orleans, featuring one-day events offering sessions to encourage new bloggers to get on board, plus content tailored to each tour city community, its interests and its local bloggers.

Registration for all of BlogHer’s 2008 events will launch in tandem with a new Conference web site on Monday November 26th.

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  • Somehow I doubt that the year designation in the names of each of these events begins with an opening single quotation mark. Your smart quotes are too dumb to publish.

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