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BlogHer announces keynote speakers for BlogHer Business ’08

BlogHer announces keynote speakers for BlogHer Business ’08

BlogHer, Inc. has announced a number of keynote speakers at the forthcoming BlogHer Business ’08 Conference (NYC, April 3-4).

Not only has the Conference attracted some top-notch commercial sponsors — including Intuit, Wiley, and Cisco — but the lineup of speakers currently billed is also impressive.

A keynote panel entitled “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation” will feature BlogHer co-founder/CEO Lisa Stone moderating a discussion on trends and behaviors across generations of women. The panel will consist of Maria T. Bailey, the leading authority on marketing to moms and author of a recent book focusing on Gen X and Y moms; strategist and entrepreneur Mary Furlong, who specializes in reaching the boomer and senior markets; and media entrepreneur Robin Wolaner, founder of the online community for boomers, TeeBeeDee.

The closing keynote — “You Can’t Manufacture Buzz…Or Can You?” — a discussion on building traffic, community, and buzz, will feature BlogHer co-founder/COO Elisa Camahort Page, plus Melissa Anelli, proprietress of, a comprehensive media outlet for fans of the Harry Potter series; Elise Bauer, whose food blog Simply Recipes has evolved into a publishing juggernaut; Kerry Miller, who leads a double life as a reporter from BusinessWeek by day and proprietress of the addictive by night; and Ellen Siminoff, Chairman of Efficient Frontier, the leading search engine marketing firm.

Also included during the two-day conference will be breakout sessions focusing on creating an online presence in social media and building effective relationships with bloggers.

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“We are excited to bring together leaders from the worlds of business, marketing and social media in the spirit of collaboration, rather than contention, to demonstrate and discuss innovative ways for organizations of all kinds to reach and connect with influential customers in a rapidly changing media landscape,” said Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer.

The full agenda can be found at

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  • With the internet now being . . . well, everything.
    You got to wonder whether there will actually be any other media advertising within the next ten years. This awesome beast known as cyberspace surely knows no bounds.

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