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BlogHerald Week In Review: Sweden, Klout, Google’s New Hire and More

BlogHerald Week In Review: Sweden, Klout, Google’s New Hire and More

Social MediaIt has been a busy week in the world of social media as employees jump ship, Blackberry finally receives an assist from Facebook and Klout made big changes to their algorithm which they promise will make determining a persons Klout more accurate.

Here are a few of this weeks top social media stories in case you missed them.

1. Finally, Facebook Messenger Available For BlackBerry With Great New Features 

After a very long wait users of Blackberry devices can now pick up an official Facebook messenger application. Among the programs best features are the “who’s online” real-time option which also shows when a friend is typing, support for 12 languages and location based sharing. Facebook Messenger for Blackberry devices also features push notifications and plenty of other bells and whistles. 

2. Google Blog Manager Karen Wickre Heads To Twitter 

After a very long and successful run as the head of the Google Blog division Karen Wickre has agreed to take a position with social network rival Twitter. Karen says she plans to give the Twitter blog a voice that focus on more than just technology updates and a constant barrage of trending information.

3. Klout Changes Algorithm, Many Users Find Scores Negatively Effected

Many Klout users were angered this week when the company changed their algorithm which in turn lowered Klout scores for millions of users. The company continues to integrate more services into their system and they are promising more transparency so users can figure out how they improve their overall social media Klout.

4. Facebook Announces Sweden Based Data Center, Says It’s Really Cold There

The average temperature in Lulea, Sweden is just 27.5 degrees and that’s why Facebook had decided to open their new data center in the area. Located just 60 miles south of the Arctic circle and powered by a hydroelectric dam Facebook hopes that the cold temperatures will help keep their servers average temperature down, thus drastically lowered operating costs.

5. Facebook Partners With U.S. Labor Market, Hopes To Find People Jobs

LinkedIn may soon be getting a bit of competition from Facebook who announced this week a new partnership with the U.S. Labor Market. Details about the entire partnership are not yet known however it’s believed that the new Facebook timeline layout and sharing features will be integrated in such a way as to provide personal and business views for users.

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I personally wouldn’t want to be the Facebook employees who get sent to Sweden to manage their new server farm. Have any of this weeks social media stories surprised you?





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