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Bloghosts, the former host of blogs including Hundred Acres, the real estate blog created by John Mudd , has ceased hosting blogs. Reports indicate that Bloghosts failed to announce this to most of its users. According to rumours, Bloghosts made its decision based on an incident that occurred last fall when hackers broke in to their system.

John reports that Hundred Acres is in the process of being moved to Dreamhost. Hauteur Pill known as the “Gawker” for the UAE, or UAE gossip sheet, was not as fortunate as others and has completely lost his entire site. John Mudd describes this as “due to what many call Bloghosts ‘incompetent’ departure, leaving without informing its customers, from the blogging world. “

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  • Bloghosts crimes currently have quite a long list of very pissed off ex customers … Jace appears to be randomly signing the ownership of domains back to people (I got mine back, many haven’t).

    That, along with *zero* communication over the last 2 – 3 months, some of his servers randomly going offline well before his own cut off date, and very antagonizing posts to his site, claiming he is working on it, when he blatantly isn’t have pissed us all off.

    I’ve had a lot to say about it while trying to get my blog back!

  • I was among the surprised and bewildered to find their sites down. Most of the communication I had had with bloghosts had been very positive. Thankfully I lost very little in the shuffle.

    On the downside, one of my sites is among those bloghosts is listed as the registrant for – and as of yet I haven’t been able to get in touch with them to get them to transfer ownership back over to me so I can update the name servers – leaving it in limbo. If any other folks find a way around this problem please let me know how you do it.

  • Some people have left comments in my entries saying they told Godaddy their domain was registrered with invalid info (try getting in touch with any of the info in your WHOIS), they got it that way, others failed to get it that way. Mine just changed over to me, one night, which was wierd.

  • i never got my refund from bloghosts for all the extra months that i paid for. is bloghosts related in any way to . the reason that i asked is because today i got a strange call from them asking me how much i paid for my hosting. i now host my site from another company. i’m still waiting for my refund from bloghosts.

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