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Bloglines admits server problems

Bloglines admits server problems

In a post to the Bloglines blog, the Bloglines team writes:

“We’re not going to beat around the bush about this. Bloglines performance has sucked eggs lately. Why? In short, Bloglines has been busting at the seams like the Incredible Hulk. All of us here at Bloglines have been foregoing sleep and social lives over the past several months to keep Bloglines running and preparing for our move to a new access center (with bigger britches and a very elastic waistline). So hang tight because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The move will happen soon; we’ll keep you posted. “

Odd thing is after honestly thinking about changing out of Bloglines about 4-5 months ago I haven’t had any problems since, probably only seen the plumber once….indeed its the best they’ve been for a long time. If this is bad service I can’t wait to see good service!

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  • Got to agree with you Aaron. In this case I didn’t even realise they were having problems and I’ve not read anyone complaining about them for months, so its refreshing that they’ve admitted up front to problems, makes me really happy I stuck with them. I still cant find another service I’m comfortable with either. Bloglines is really one of the best services around and they’ve become such an important part of my online life as well.

  • Ditto or Tritto or whatever… I’ve noticed at times that the right side loaded faster than the left side, but didn’t think it was a problem. And I use bloglines all the time.

    I have noticed much changes since your post however. I’ve been getting feeds that are months old .. and some that I haven’t been getting at all are showing up now. The ones mostly are searches and Instablog sites (go figure) ..

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