Bloglines admits tech problem with feeds

Bloglines has posted that my suspision last week that the service wasn’t reading feeds was correct, although they only admit to it being a problem from Thursday.

From the Bloglines Blog Friday:

We have discovered a problem with our RSS crawlers that caused many feeds to not be crawled. The issue started yesterday morning after one of the crawler machines crashed. We have fixed the problem, and all feeds should be crawled within the next two hours

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I’ve been playing with some alternative services but I’m still going using Bloglines. A review soon.

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  • Oh boy, that’s not good … unable to read rss feeds!!! That’s the core of the service and if it keeps failing and letting users down then Bloglines will simply fade away as other, more reliable services come up – unfortunately it’s the second-to-market comers that usually end up winning (think Microsoft!)

  • Your post last week caused me to export my bloglines subscriptions and import them into FeedDemon manually instead of syncing the two. I discovered that you were right. I was missing a lot of posts. Since your story I’ve decided to use FeedDemon without syncing with bloglines. I have a lot more content to sift through.

    The only way I’ll consider using bloglines again is if they fix their search function. Will hundreds and hundreds of feeds, it would be useful to be able to search current updated posts.

  • I would like to say that’s my only problem over there. For some reason, Bloglines can’t read me. I’ve moved my computer through all of the gyrations and a few thousand hoops, even opened a new account, but I can’t get through to my account, and they’re getting slower and slower at helping me.

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