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Bloglines disappoints with new weather tool

Bloglines disappoints with new weather tool

Perennia blogosphere favourite Bloglines has launched a new weather facility that allows users to subscribe to weather forecasts using their bloglines accounts.

For service provides a 7 day forecast for the city or town of your choice, and will no doubt be welcomed by users in North America.

Unfortunately for the rest of the planet, most of whom adopted metric measurements long ago, the service is about as affective as providing the service in Klingon, with no metric measurements available. Whilst I know many readers will understand 72° | 63° and 22 mph winds which is the forecast here today, I have little idea off the top of my head what this actually means in Celsius and km/h. Oh well, at least it’s stopped raining and there are no more tornadoes coming this way :-)

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  • The rest of the planet can just check a little box to get metric measurements. I’m looking at them right now. No disapointment here… ;-)

  • Here in the UK we’ve been forced to adopt Napoleonic metric meaures very much against the will of the people, as shown by a number of court cases. It’s always a pleasure to me to find “real” imperial measures used by Americans, though I note they are gradually being Frenchified through science and the military. Are Americans really “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”? :-)

  • I couldn’t see the box to change, will look again. John on your comments Australia changed to metric measurements in 1966, I was born in 75 so unfortunately I know nothing else, but what has alway confused me with the US is that when Australia went metric we basically adopted the US currency system, (except we have 20c coins and not 25c ones) which in itself is metric, compared to the old pound which was imperial, so we took the best of the States and the French…dont worry now I’m more confused!

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