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I first noticed Jessica’s blog when she began commenting here not very long ago. I tend to go off and visit commenter’s blogs to see if they’re worth subscribing to – and hers certainly was… later on she posted an entry in our ‘How I Blog’ series.

Her blog is subtitled Emotion Creator which is meaningful in so many levels. Personal, spiritual, and so on…

She’s also an incredible artist in an art genre that I love (Abstract, contemporary…).

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Welcome to the Blog Herald Blogroll!

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  • I love jessica too Aaron ; )

    …we will have to share her. I think she would like that.

    Thank you Matt for adding Jessica to the BlogHerald Blog Roll. Jessica is on vacation from posting until Saturday. She has more… ahh… emotion drivenabstract, contemporary, revealing art to post in the coming weeks.

    Cheers you guys!

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