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BlogRunner Announces Weblog Content Portal

BlogRunner Announces Weblog Content Portal

A media release of interest, and they have been kind enough to feature content from the Blog Herald.
NEW YORK, Oct. 20> News junkies who must sift through
mountains of online data in hot pursuit of a story can now take heart: help is
on the way. xmatrix inc. today announced the launch of BLOGRUNNER.COM, a web portal for weblogs and other types of Internet micro-content.

By lowering the barrier for self-publishing on the internet, weblogs have
already had a profound impact on journalism and the way information is
distributed and consumed over the web. Online commentators and authors of
weblogs (known as bloggers) weave rich and complex discussion threads as they
echo each other in conversations that span multiple sites and cover a wide
range of topics.

Companies that produce authoring tools have contributed to the success of
weblogs by making it easy for individuals plug into this network and start
publishing. At the same time, however, there are few tools or sites that help
readers navigate this wealth of information. This is the challenge BlogRunner
is trying to respond to.
At the heart of BlogRunner is technology which grabs content from across
the web, breaks it down into smaller chunks and then reassembles it into any
number of virtual channels that track specific news stories or topics of
Most search engines index individual web pages. BlogRunner, however, is
capable of identifying the specific chunks of content within a page that
correspond to weblog entries. This makes it possible to reassembles these
chunks into more meaningful discussion threads.
One key feature of weblogs is the way they dovetail with articles from
traditional media outlets. BlogRunner highlights this interdependency by
closely integrating weblog entries with the media headlines they reference.
BlogRunner will also provide an opportunity for bloggers to profit from
their work. A revenue sharing program, scheduled to go live in November,
proposes to share advertising revenue generated from browsing individual
weblogs posts that are published on the portal. This scheme is not exclusive
and complements other revenue schemes bloggers can set up. It respects the
fact that the content belongs to the authors and doesn’t require moving to a
dedicated hosting service or using a specific publishing tool.
For more information about, please call xmatrix at
212-352-8004 or visit the website,, or email
[email protected].

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