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BlogRush Fails to Deliver Impressions

BlogRush Fails to Deliver Impressions

Remember BlogRush, that cool little widget that snatched related stories from the blogosphere, and served them to your readers, giving you credits to get similar exposure yourself? In theory it should work, but in practice it might be lacking. John Chow certainly doesn’t get what he’s due at least:

A check of my BlogRush control panel showed I have a credit balance of 30,911,614 views. If BlogRush can serve all those impressions, and assuming a 0.25% click rate, it would result in over 77,000 visitors. Since BlogRush started, they have served less 800,000 impressions for me.

This seems to be the case for a lot of the larger blogs/networks using BlogRush. Seems like a good idea gone wrong, but then again, it is still in beta…

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