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Blogs affected by Google hack

Blogs affected by Google hack

Reports of the domain name being hijacked by hackers has affected blogs.

At some stage over the weekend, Google went down and reports indicate that the main page was redirected to another site.

Concerning for bloggers is a large drop off in traffic during and around this time, and subsequent reports of lost revenue.

Kevin at Turboblogger reports that his Adsense income plummeted. Adsense records for the Blog Herald also indicate a massive drop in traffic for the same period as recorded by Adsense, although other reporting tools won’t be updated for another 6 hours to confirm the drop, and Adsense has been running extremely slowly, and behind in reporting for the last week (another problems of late in itself).

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Basically if your blog relies on traffic from Google, its looks like it may have been seriously affected during the period of the outage. If you haven’t yet check your Adsense figures and your logs.

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  • I recently purchased a mac powerbook G4 and my computer continued to get stuck on the “sogo” hijacked google website ( Numerous attempts to erase it did not work including attempts to search through the google news website, which i could get into. Eventually, i just reset my Safari package. Regardless, there is a real problem out there with “sogo”.

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