Blogs are a security risk: Army

The US Army has posted a memo to its senior leaders asking them to caution personnel not to file information that could be used against soldiers by the enemy to blogs.

According to the Inquirer, General Peter J. Schoomaker said in the memo that some soldiers were posting sensitive matters to blogs, revealing tactics, techniques, procedures and vulnerabilities that “the enemy is actively searching”.

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  • It’s a truism among spies that you can get more critical information from local newspapers ~ what ships are in port etc ~ than you can from James Bond-type spooking. Why should blogs be any different?

  • Probably because while Newspapers have to jump through hoops to get their sources, military personel can verify things on the ground and are “a source.” ;)

  • I believe if you are in the military and you are currently fighting in this war, you should at least have the common sense *not* to post sensative data to a blog.

    I’m all for soldiers feeling closer to their loved ones and connecting to the world, but not at the expense of potentially endangering more troops and possibly civilian lives.

    And yes, when you’re posting images to a blog – many times you can figure out where a person is if you are very familiar with a territory – so if that is a legit memo, it’s on point. It should be limited and right away.

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