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Blogs Driving Consumer Buzz

Blogs Driving Consumer Buzz

Readers of a blog from author Keith Thompson, the writer behind the soon to be published novel, “Pirates of Pensacola“, have driven the yet to be released novel to the top of Amazon’s Early Adopter list, based upon sales.

The blog, hosted on the Lycos’ Tripod blogging service, has surpised the publishers of the novel, who were not aware of the sales power of blogging.

Thompson has remarked that it is usually very difficult as a writer to get decent feedback, but the anonymity provided by blogs permits bloggers to be much more open than even family and friends.

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  • Now that the book has published and is in readers’ hands (or hooks, as the case may be), the blog/book saga continues. A supporting character from the original Tripod blog is now writing his own “blarg,” which is hosted at Readers of the original blog continue to put links to the book’s Amazon listing on their own sites; most are quite good-humored over being part of the writing and marketing process – probably because of the entertainment value.

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