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Blogs influence tight-arses: study

Blogs influence tight-arses: study

Blogs influence the spending habits of tight-arses who shop at thrift stores, according to a new study.

The study of 14,000 people (a serious number) by Ohio firm Big Research of Dollar General and Dollar Store customers, two stores that sell items for $5 and under, found that blogs influenced spending habits in up to 11% of cases in particular product categories.

In a profound and earth shattering find, the study concluded that overall, for Dollar Store customers, blogging has greater influence than Dollar General bloggers on their purchase, a figure that’s sure to get people changing their blog posting habits.

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(via Steve Rubel/iMedia Connection)

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  • I wonder! … I sometimes have to pass a store called Poundland, where everything is £1. Looking at the customers coming out, I just can’t imagine most of them tapping away at a computer keyboard. The only exceptions would be the very young ones.

  • Sorry John, it’s a common expression here in Australia which wouldn’t usually raise an eyebrow, I tossed up not using it but its the best way I could take the piss out of one of the most useless studies I’ve seen to date. Imagine, 14,000 people…

  • Duncan, but one must give them 10 out of 10 for having the balls to come out publically with this amazing fairy tale ;-)

    By the way, thanks for the pointer to BBC I try to archive as many stories along those lines as possible …

    Even Herald has no choice but print offensive sounding blogs: So another case of note and How Appealing is also monitoring the progress:

    The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging
    Margo Kingston of Webdiary Fame was absolutely astounded when she read about the fate of a blog named “Hunter Holden Sucks”
    G’day. Here’s a successful legal ploy you can expect more of by people with lots of money to use to close down criticism on the web by people with little money. What do you think?
    Shutting down blogs: “sucks” and the tort of injurious falsehood [Shannon The Car Dealer & The Blogger ; Technology and IP Business
    No right of free speech for Australian critical website
    ; 3g newsroom Legal threat to bloggers ; ethics forum Legal threat to online posts ]

  • PS: Oops, I meant to draw this entry to your attention from: Blogometer

    THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Maybe There’s Hope For The “Online Magazine” Movement After All

    The Blog Herald: “More interesting research, this time from Nielsen//Netratings that found that a decent sized portion of blog readers don’t actually realize they are reading blogs, and not only that, they don’t even know what a blog is. The survey found that 13% of people who visited blogs didn’t know what a blog was, and more incredibly 66% of people visiting a blog didn’t realize they were visiting a blog, basically they just thought it was another web site. Whether this is bad I don’t know. I’m sure people here would work it out: the ‘blog’ in the ‘Blog Herald’ would probably give it away, but the question remains, is it really a bad thing that the majority of blog readers don’t actually realize they are reading blogs? If they did would they think less of the sites?”

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