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BlogTalkRadio Launches Premium Packages

BlogTalkRadio Launches Premium Packages

The BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy announced the launch of two BlogTalkRadio premium packages the other day, with the incentive tha anyone who sign up for these premium services will get them for free until July 1st.

These packages are designed to give hosts more enhanced features, including call screening, dialing out from the switchboard, being able to download, edit and replace episodes, and limited advertisements.

There is a Premium Host Package for $39.95/month (or $399/year) and a Premium Plus Host Package for $99/month (or $999/year). Both add a bunch of new functionality best read in the announcement post.

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Users of the free version shouldn’t be concerned. All current features will remain free, so you can continue to use BlogTalkRadio as you have before.

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