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BlogTalkRadio Gets New Look, Networking Features

BlogTalkRadio Gets New Look, Networking Features

BlogTalkRadio LogoOn Monday, popular online radio network BlogTalkRadio announced a set of several new user interface features that encourage social networking and show participation.

The network has a What’s New page explaining the recent changes in detail.

Mashable says that “the focus is clearly to get visitors listening to more shows.” I agree. Without listeners, BTR dies on the vine.

A secondary pair of focal points to the changes at BlogTalkRadio appears to be to get BTR show hosts to talk to each more and to get more people to discover BTR via social networking websites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

A quick list of the latest changes to BlogTalkRadio:

  • A new listener/host/staff forum
  • A new Learning Center for new users and site visitors
  • New terms (my favorite change) – for example, “host profiles” are now “shows”
  • A new personalized account area called “My BlogTalkRadio” for registered users
  • Enhanced website search
  • Improved integration with iTunes
  • Larger show logo size (300 x 300 instead of 200 x 200)
  • Enhanced media player when you listen to or host an online radio broadcast

I had the exhausting yet exhilarating opportunity to anchor a 12-hour live show for BlogTalkRadio on Blog Action Day last October 15 and I wish these changes had been in place back then. While I found the BlogTalkRadio site easy to use after some training by the BTR staff, I can see why many first-time users may have felt frustrated by some of the jargon and hard-to-find options.

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I look forward to trying out the new BlogTalkRadio. Your thoughts are welcome here.

How do you like the new BlogTalkRadio?

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