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Boing Boing under attack

Boing Boing under attack

2005 Bloggies Blog of the Year award winner Boing Boing is under attack on two front today, both distinctly related to their status as a blogging favourite.

In the blogoshpere, GlassDog takes BoingBoing to task over its status as a “widely popular geek site” when its obviously pulling in large profits whilst trying to maintain its status as a leader amongst “indie” media. GlassDog even goes as far to say that the site, which first posted that it was adding advertising to cover the cost of increasing hosting demands, is misleading in its purpose and should come clean on the advertising issue.

The mainstream media, or in particular Rob O’Neill at Melbourne’s The Age newspaper, (sub required) points out that BoingBoing winning the best weblog award at the Bloggies is “one in the eye for media critics” as Boing Boing is run by professional journalists and writes: “Hell, these guys even write for The New York Times.”

Both articles provide interesting conundrums in relation to where mainstream media starts and ends, and also in a similar vain where the line between amateur and professional starts and stops. In some ways both only further go to demonstrate that in its maturity, the blogosphere is slowly becoming mainstream itself.

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