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BraveNewCode: One WordPress Mobile Plugin To Rule Them All

BraveNewCode: One WordPress Mobile Plugin To Rule Them All

It looks like PadPressed will be facing some competition as one of their rivals is not only embracing the iPad, but offering WordPress bloggers a less expensive price.

WPtouch ProTM has gained worldwide attention providing unique, rich and beautiful mobile experiences for website visitors on touch-based smart phones.

With WPtouch Pro 2.1, that great experience has been redefined and brought to the iPadTM, with a user-interface tailored for the iPad experience. […]

Since WPtouch Pro on iPad is a part of WPtouch Pro 2.1 (starting at only $39), you get incredible value, great features, product support & future upgrades— all at an extremely competitive, affordable price. (Official BraveNewCode Blog)

Currently PadPressed is priced at $49 for one WordPress site, which is slightly more expensive than BraveNewCode’s offer. The latter however is also offering users the ability to support 5 sites for $69 for those of you with multiple blogs (PadPressed charges $149 for 5 sites).

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BraveNewCode is also planning support for upcoming tablets (i.e. Blackberry Playbook, PalmPad, etc.) in the future as well, making it easier for bloggers to format their blog across multiple devices.

Even though BraveNewCode does offer a free WordPress plugin to make your blog iPhone friendly (which uses), it currently does not provide support for the iPad, although readers can checkout WiPad which is based off WPtouch (although truth be told it’s not as advanced).

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