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BravoFan Launched, by b5media Of Course

BravoFan Launched, by b5media Of Course

b5media launches Bravo Fan, a blog dedicated solely to the Bravo channel, edited by Victoria Lutz. I don’t really get that niche, focusing on the type of shows that the channel airs, fine, but just the channel? I don’t know, what do you think? Is it a good niche?

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  • It is a strange niche to pick, however I do believe that Bravo in the US is a different to the bravo we get in Ireland and UK, so maybe there is some good new shows on there to keep them busy?

  • I wouldn’t have thought it’d work either. But we’re currently the largest blogs in the world for MTV and VH1, using the same technique (and I don’t mean “largest” out of 3, heh).

    But yeah, it surprised me too that this’d work!

    As an FYI while we don’t typically talk about how well things are working, if you see us launching more than 2-3 of a certain type of blog, even if it’s counter-intuitive, you can assume the concept is working ;-)

  • This is an old post, but I’m going to respond to it anyway. I’m writing the blog now (it’s gone through one other author since it launched) and you’d really be surprised by how much content there is to post on Bravo programming.

    Also, the Real Housewives are super popular and besides the official Bravo site, there really isn’t an online community for the fans of that show. Most of the feedback I’ve been getting has been on the Housewives. Top Chef & Project Runway already have their own communities and blogs, so those are harder to break into, but the Housewives are a defenite draw.

  • Project Runway is great and we always watch it at home, hope they employ more interesting and talented contestants.'”-

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