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Breaking: new terrorist attacks in Bali

Breaking: new terrorist attacks in Bali

Breaking news: there has been a fresh wave of terrorists attacks in Bali with reports of non-Indonesion tourists being killed. Reports on SMH and

TV here in Australia isn’t reporting live at this stage but most stations have broken news flashes on the new bombings. Reports of 30-40 injured and between 3-5 dead. Bali is one of Australia’s favorite foreign tourist destinations (and a quicker flight from Blog Herald HQ then Sydney). The previous Bali bombings in 2002 killed some 100 Australian tourists and was described at the time as Australia’s 9/11.

Update: at this stage the SMH has the best coverage, 19 reported dead and many more injured as at 3:10PM GMT. Late into the night here (I’m in the same timezone as Bali) so more news will probably emerge as I sleep. Certainly CNN and FoxNews were way behind on the story at this stage although I suspect this will change. There will be many families in Australia tonight who will be deeply concerned for relatives.

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  • You don’t know how sorry I was to read this, this morning. My family & I have travelled to Bali twice in the last five years, and it is a truly beautiful Island, with such an amazing culture. I have a number of friends there, but luckily they do not live in the heavy-tourist areas these moron bombers have so far chosen to attack.

    And just when Bali was getting back to regulat tourist levels from the first bombing…

  • I am terribly angry with this bombing…. why don’t people enjoy the good fortune of having a beautiful island with lots of tourists and are able to make a living and feed their families?

    Quick update of this disaster can be found at>>>

    I am sorry for the people injured and guess they do not want to welcome tourists to Bali. They clearly wants all foreigners out! Very sad….

  • Gracie…I am sure that as was the case with the 2002 bombings, these were done by Islamic separatists from OUTSIDE OF Bali. Bali is about 95% Hindu, and very peaceful. The vast majority of Indonesia is Islamic, and also very peaceful, but there are pockets of separatists. Don’t blame the Balinese locals for the moronic and evil actions of their neighbors. That’s just ridiculous. This will hurt the locals much more than it will hurt anyone else.

    Would you blame the British for the bombing of their own transportation system?

    It’s the same thing.

  • I personally condemn the terrorist bombings in Bali that claimed innocent lives and injured many more. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, and we wish a speedy recovery to those injured.

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