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Brit Blog Awards shortlist announced

Brit Blog Awards shortlist announced

Ever one to encourage and promote the British blog scene, which has some real gems yet still has plenty of untapped talent, here’s news that this year’s Brit Blog Awards shortlist has been announced.

A number of celebrity judges will peruse the blogs, deciding winners in all but one category. Those blogs deemed “Weird and Wonderful” will be put to the public vote.

The eight categories are:

  • Weird & Wonderful
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Youth

Each category features 5 or 6 blogs that made it to the shortlist.

Unsurprisingly, the blogs have a distinctly British flavour, most likely to be noticeable in the Politics section (many Brits struggle to understand the US political system, but you should try getting to grips with ours).

Voting is open for the next two weeks, with the results announced soon after.

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What’s interesting is that they only received 1,000 blog nominations. This may be more to do with the general public’s lack of knowledge about blogging than a lack of suitably British blogs.

The Shortlist

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  • There wasn’t a huge amount of publicity about the awards outside of the Metro newspaper (which is only read by people on buses). Maybe if it had been higher profile there would have been more nominations. Also, the categories are quite restrictive, I didn’t submit my blog because it didn’t fit in any of the available ones, and I can’t see many of the blogs I read matching either.

    It’s good to see a Brit blog award though, hopefully in time it will become bigger.

  • It didn’t get much press – probably because papers won’t publicise each other. I did submit mine, and whilst it didn’t get shortlisted, another one that I contribute to (Trackfeeder) did.

    Do you think that means I need to prepare a speech?!

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