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British Army Commander To Send Tweets From Warzone

British Army Commander To Send Tweets From Warzone

Tweeting SoldierCapturing a “day in the life” of a military person can be hard work, after all you can’t really walk around taking notes all the time, especially when you’re in a warzone, however a British army commander is about to take a novel approach, sending Tweets about his six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan directly to his Twitter account.

Lieutenant Colonel Dougie Graham is in command of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, a battalion with 450 soldiers.

Currently Graham is working with his countries military intelligence officers to determine what he can and can’t Tweet, for security purposes.

Graham believes he can show people that it’s “not all about fighting and bombs” by offering a bit of 140 character insight into other day-to-day activities and time off that military personnel enjoy.

The move towards social networking has recently begun to move forward for military personnel around the world, even U.S. soldiers have watched as the restrictions placed against their social media accounts have been slowly lifted, allowing them to better stay connected to friends and families through sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to Mashable:

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The battalion actually already has a Facebook page, so social media isn’t a new thing for them, but Graham hopes that a frequently updated Twitter account will help connect him and the men and women serving under his command with their families back home.

The one concern I can see with Graham and his attempt to show the “true face” of the military is that his higher ranking status will more than likely show a vastly different day-to-day type scenario than a low ranking private in their infantry and other lower ranking personnel. However, the fact that Twitter is taking to the battle field sure says a lot about the services worldwide reach.

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