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Britney Spears’ record company goes after

Britney Spears’ record company goes after

AFP reports that the Zomba Recording, the parent company of Britney Spears’ record label, has filed a lawsuit against after the blog leaked recordings from her latest album. The lawsuit alleges that Mario Lavandeira, the blogger behind, illegally obtained and posted the material from Spears’ new album “Blackout” which is set to be released later this month.

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  • This is B.S. Britney Spears Album has leaked ALL OVER the web on site such as YouTube, and personal Blogs, I think that this is redicilous. They just want a piece of Perez over his opinions. I feel he is being singled out.

    Perez is also getting sued by DJ Samantha Ronson.

  • Who cares! It’s not lke anyone is going to run out a and buy a Britney Spears CD anyway. Zomba Records is delusional! This girl’s career is over, and it has been for sometime now people. These pimps are just trying to squeeze what little money they can out this has been, train wreck of a girl that they, along with her mother, exploited as a child. Her mother should be locked up. Any mother that lets their 16 year old daughter pose half naked on the cover of Rolling Stone with booty shorts going up her A$$ has some serious issues. She’s not a mother. She’s a madame! And people wonder why his chick is so messed up in the head. Uh, hello…can anyone say Michael Jackson?

  • there would be no other pop star that is as sexy and talented as Britney Spears. this girl is really amazing, she was popular in the 90s and even today.

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