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Bryan Silva Arrested in Police Standoff

Bryan Silva Arrested in Police Standoff

Silva arrested

Social media star Bryan Silva has been arrested following a police standoff in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Gratata, as Silva would say.

Silva, famous by the web’s standards with hundreds of thousands of followers on Vine, was arrested after making threats on social media. Silva’s girlfriend, a 17-year-old, escaped the house, and a neighbor made a call to the police.

Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo acknowledged that it was a domestic dispute.

During the standoff, Silva posted a status update on Facebook, claiming that his girlfriend had betrayed him.  The status update has since been deleted.

After being barricaded in the home for several hours, Silva was arrested. The police used a chemical irritant to help them subdue Silva.

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Silva has an impressive following on Facebook, Instagram, Vine and YouTube, with followers numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and he was even featured on “Tosh.O,” Daniel Tosh’s comedy show that features the comedian’s commentary on viral videos and other web content.

Silva was featured Tosh’s “CeWEBrity Profile” segments. Tosh dressed like Silva, complete with a gold chain, flat bill cap and stomach tattoo. In the interview with Tosh, Silva disses Jay-Z and “Louie” and even explains the origins of his catchphrase gratata. Like most of the web celebrities on Tosh’s show, Silva seems oblivious to Tosh’s satire. Gratata! See the clip below.

Did you see Silva on Tosh’s show? Do you follow Silva on any of his social media platforms? Have you seen any of his YouTube videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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