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The most popular managed WordPress host, Kinsta, has made a big announcement: they will now host static websites for free, and that includes WordPress sites. There is a 1 GB file size cap and an impressive 100 GB monthly bandwidth allowance with this free hosting plan. Kinsta’s intention with this offering is to let people try out their hosting for themselves. Kinsta has assured us that the permanently free tier will always be available.

Why Use a Static Host for Your Site?

In contrast to dynamic websites, which rely on a database and server-side scripting, static websites only need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For the sake of loading times and safety, many publishers are making the switch from dynamic WordPress sites to static ones. Static sites are more secure because they don’t use plugins or themes, which means they load faster and require less upkeep.

To Whom Does Kinsta Offer Its Free Hosting Service?

Free hosting from Kinsta is available to anyone. Anyone interested in learning more about the advantages of static site hosting is welcome to join. Kinsta encourages anybody to test out their free hosting plan, whether they have a WordPress site they want to convert to static or are already using node-based static site generators like Astro or Gatsby.

Kinsta’s Free Static Site Hosting and Its Features

Kinsta’s free hosting plan is loaded with features that will make hosting your static sites a breeze. Let’s examine the details of what to anticipate:

1. 100 Static Sites Per Business

Kinsta allows up to 100 static websites per business to be hosted for free. This generous allowance gives you the freedom to manage a wide variety of websites, whether they are for personal projects or for clients.

2. One Concurrent Construction Per Site

Kinsta only permits a single simultaneous build per website. You can now make adjustments to your site and see how they look before actually releasing the updated version. This function allows for easy design iteration and a streamlined development process.

3. Per-Site Build Image Size of 1 GB

Kinsta places a cap of 1 GB per site on the size of the build image to guarantee the best possible performance. Because of this limitation, your site will continue to load quickly and respond quickly even as it is being constructed.

4. 600 Monthly Company Build Minutes

Kinsta allots each business 600 monthly build minutes. With this quota, you can swiftly run build commands and produce static copies of your sites.

5. Monthly Bandwidth Cap of 100 GB per Business

With Kinsta’s free hosting plan, each business is allotted 100 GB of monthly bandwidth. This guarantees that your sites can sustain extremely high volumes of traffic at no extra cost.

6. API Integration

With Kinsta’s open API, you can easily incorporate their hosting into your current processes and tools. You can save time and effort by using this function to automate a number of site management tasks.

7. Compatibility with Popular Version Control Systems

Kinsta provides easy integration with popular source code management tools like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. The deployment process is simplified, and teamwork is enhanced, thanks to this integration.

8. Moving Outwards

With Kinsta’s free plan, your site will be hosted from multiple global data centers, bringing it closer to your audience. A better user experience is the result of your “deploying to the edge” strategy to increase site speed and performance.

9. Uploads Based on Differences

Because Kinsta’s hosting solution uses diff-based uploads, only the changes made to your site are transferred when it is built. Because of this enhancement, new features and bug fixes can be released to users much more quickly.

10. More Planned Functionality Is On The Way

Kinsta’s future plans for their free hosting service are very promising. Maintenance mode and password protection are just two of the upcoming additions. Your static websites’ usability and safety will be greatly improved with the addition of these elements.

Now Is The Time

Visit Kinsta’s site to learn more about their services and sign up for their free hosting plan if you’re ready to reap the benefits of static site hosting. Don’t pass up the chance to investigate a trustworthy hosting service for your static websites.

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What is Kinsta’s recent announcement regarding free static site hosting?

Kinsta, a popular managed WordPress host, has announced that they will now provide free hosting for static websites, including WordPress sites, with a 1 GB file size limit and a generous 100 GB monthly bandwidth allowance. This offering is designed to allow users to experience Kinsta’s hosting services for free, and the free tier will always be available.

Why should I consider using a static host for my website?

Static websites, unlike dynamic ones, rely solely on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making them more secure and faster to load. They require fewer plugins and themes, resulting in reduced maintenance efforts and improved security.

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Who is eligible for Kinsta’s free hosting service, and what types of sites can benefit from it?

Kinsta’s free hosting is available to anyone interested in exploring the advantages of static site hosting. It’s suitable for those looking to convert their WordPress sites to static or those already using node-based static site generators like Astro or Gatsby.

How can I integrate Kinsta’s hosting into my existing processes and tools?

Kinsta offers API integration, allowing you to easily incorporate their hosting services into your current workflows and tools. This feature can help automate various site management tasks, saving you time and effort.

What benefits can I expect from Kinsta’s “deploying to the edge” strategy for site hosting?

Kinsta’s hosting solution deploys your site from multiple global data centers, bringing it closer to your audience. This strategy improves site speed and performance, resulting in a better user experience.

How does Kinsta’s use of diff-based uploads enhance site development and deployment?

Kinsta’s hosting solution employs diff-based uploads, transferring only the changes made to your site during builds. This accelerates the release of new features and bug fixes, ensuring a faster and more efficient development process.

What additional functionality does Kinsta have planned for its free hosting service in the future?

Kinsta has plans to introduce features like maintenance mode and password protection, enhancing the usability and security of static websites hosted on their platform.

How can I get started with Kinsta’s free hosting plan for static websites?

To explore Kinsta’s services and sign up for their free hosting plan, visit their website. Don’t miss the opportunity to investigate a reliable hosting service for your static websites.

Is Kinsta’s free hosting plan a limited-time offer, or will it remain permanently free?

Kinsta has confirmed that the free hosting tier will always be available, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of static site hosting without any time limitations.

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