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Business Continuation for Bloggers

Business Continuation for Bloggers

Some of the recent client work that we’ve done for a couple companies here in the Minneapolis area has revolved around establishing solid business continuation plans for their IT systems. These are primarily smaller firms that aren’t large enough to have their own crisis management or business continuation management teams.

Business continuation is essentially the art and science of keeping your company alive in the case of a disaster. This is everything from having solid backup plans to being able to physically relocate your workforce and computer systems in the event of a catastrophic loss of your headquarters or other major facility.

But what if your business is your blog… or you’re the CEO of a blog network…

The team at BizNicheMedia was just faced with this very issue when the government of Indian blocked access to most blogs for almost two weeks as a response to the Mumbia terrorist attacks. They discussed their lessons learned in a recent post:

If the blogging community wants to expand its reach both in terms of audience and in developing its reputation as a reliable source of news and information, we must be prepared for the unexpected. Recent experience has taught us that being unprepared can be devastating, and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that these kinds of surprises never happen again.

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If your main source of income is from blogging – whether as a blogger, as a blog owner, or as a blog network owner, business continuation needs to be a part of your strategic plan.

Yes, it’s not as sexy as hiring new columnists, launching new blogs, or scooping the mainstream media.. but it will keep your business alive…

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  • This is the ultimate nightmare, isn’t it? You have to be proportionate though. The kind of thing that happened after the Bombay terror attack is impossible to guard against because it’s so big and comes down from the Government. However, our blogger in southern India found ways of accessing a blog by “workarounds”.

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