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Calacanis disses Technorati: worthless

Calacanis disses Technorati: worthless

Weblogs Inc., supremo Jason Calacanis has openly attacked blog tracking company Technorati, describing their search service as being worthless.

He writes that the company has lost focus on its core fuction of search and has become destracted with high profile side project, and sites Jason Kottke and Fred Wilson as having abondoned the service due to its problems

He can add me to it if he likes. Although I’ve previously stated that Technorati was in trouble its only fairly recently I’ve stopped using the service regularly (I might use it once a week now). I’m using Feedster and Blogpulse daily now in its place. Feedster has a marginally better link tracking facility than Blogpulse, but Blogpulse has better comparitive stats with their Profile service, which I’m also getting served upto me in an RSS feed. I like IceRocket and Pubsub and are using them on occasion but in terms of tracking they are, at least in my case, still behind Feedster and Blogpulse at this stage in terms of numbers, but both provide well delivered stats in a far more reliable fashion than Technorati.

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  • I’m not sure that they cant handle it, but I’m convinced now that they just don’t care because if they did they would have done something about it.

  • I wonder what happened to BL Ochman’s hot tip that Technorati was being sold a couple of weeks ago? Nothing from Dave Sifry (odd) and nothing from anyone since. Certainly the stuffing seems to have gone out of Technorati since then. I wonder if the deal is still on.

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