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Calacanis questions Technorati redesign

Calacanis questions Technorati redesign

Weblogs Inc., founder Jason Calacanis has slammed the new design layout of blog search site Technorati.

In a post to his personal Calacanis writes that he hates the new design, that its cluttered and that it suffers from absurdly narrow column for the search results.

I think he’s write. First thoughts on the design: a hello kitty cartoon, way to much bubbles with the rounded edges and way big text, I’d hate to think how big it would be a 800×600. From what I can gather the move is about opening up Technorati to a larger audience, which basically means consumer bloggers, but I’m not sure a Japanese style cartoon theme is the way to go. Having said all of this its not going to make me stop using the service, although I think taking things down market could threaten Technorati’s whole credibility in the longer term.

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Share your thoughts: do you like the new look Technorati?

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  • “I’m not sure a Japanese style cartoon theme is the way to go”

    Ok, that made me laugh. Well put!

    I also agree with Jason that the result set is too narrow, that has to change.

  • Let me just add that i love the service and use it all the time… that’s the reason why I even took the time to address it.

    Technorati’s market is not the mass market… the mass market doesn’t really care about the real time web. Technorati’s market is the top 1% of the online market today, and eventually the top 20%–and that’s enough!

    They should focus on the high-end people who really care about getting the most authoritative and up-to-date information. The normal folks can just go to Google and are–in fact–better served by Google.

    Technorati=the high end.
    Google=the mass market.

    Why would Technorati give away what they have for something they can never obtain?

    Of course, Technorati is still in beta right like the rest of us Web 2.0 companies?! :-)

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