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Calacanis revises growth figures

Calacanis revises growth figures

Weblogsinc owner Jason McCabe Calacanis has publicly revised down growth figures for the Weblogsinc network from 100 to 75 for year 1 but is still predicting 200-300 blogs in the network by end of year 2. The reason: a shift in strategy from niche blogs to bigger category blogs. New releases scheduled for this week include Droxy: the digital radio blog, Flashinsider, the unofficial Flash weblog, and the Unofficial SAS weblog.

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  • Yeah, we took a page from Nick Denton’s page book and tried out some larger brands like and Those have like 15-50 categories each. So, we have cigars and wine in luxist as opposed to their own brands. We also have scuba and snowboarding in Gadling as opposed to having blogs for those two activities.

    IT will be interesting to see which model works better!

    best jason

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