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Call for Boycott of XBox over MSN Spaces China censorship

Call for Boycott of XBox over MSN Spaces China censorship

Leading Game blog Game Politics has called for a boycott of the Xbox 360 over Microsoft’s decision to censor MSN Spaces China blogs to comply with Chinese Government restrictions.

According to the site gamers should express their displeasure with Microsoft’s “disgusting stance” by voting “for freedom with your wallet…Boycott the Xbox 360 when it launches in November.”

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  • What a ridiculously shortsighted idea!

    Did it ever occur to that Webmaster that MS is actually on the side of liberty here? What would happen if MS *didn’t* censor those evil words? Well, China would just block the entire MSN Spaces area. But by doing what is frankly a (likely intentionally) half-assed job censoring a few words and yet permitting lots of undercurrents and other subversive stuff, MS is giving many Chinese a voice that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

    If that Webmaster really wanted to do something more than simply grandstand, he’d refuse to buy any goods made in China or any goods with components made in China, hitting the Chinese government directly in the pocketbook. But it’s just too easy and “cool” to knock MS instead.

  • Precisely. And in all seriousness, perhaps T. Jefferson held on to his slaves for similar reasons.

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