Call It Quits for Summer?

Posting to your blog regularly is an oft-dispensed tidbit of advice. However, as the weather turns warmer with the approach of summer, I’m wondering if it has to be that way. Leading me to the following question…

What are your thoughts on seasonal blogging?

I understand that in the end, it will come down to your blog’s niche and where you draw the majority of your traffic from. And maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to slack off and get a tan. But I know from experience that my numbers will dip during the lazy months of summer. Similarly, the way I know my traffic drops off considerably on Fridays.

Let’s use a boxing analogy. Should bloggers continually throw punches, hoping to impress the judges, even when not landing? Or, does it make more sense to put together combinations when it counts.

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As difficult as it will be, I plan to continue to throw daily posts against the wall to see what sticks. Perhaps you’ll advise otherwise. I sure hope you do!

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  • I think breaks are good – but I wouldn’t advise taking a long time off.

    Those that visit via the web will eventually stop doing so – while those that visit via a feedreader will still be there (most likely) when you return..

    The likely loss in traffic just isn’t worth it,


  • Good topic. I won’t quit blogging, or slow down I guess for the summer. I am however, re-thinking weekends for the whole year. More then ever I’ve noticed a huge slowing of almost all my blog traffic over the weekends. It was always slower than weekdays, but lately it’s worse. I’ve been thinking of stopping weekend posts altogether and focusing on just a heavier M-F schedule. I can’t decide if this is a smart move or not. I may have to do a test run month.

  • Jennifer: I have found the same thing. I now no longer post on the weekend and double up posts earlier in the week. So far, it’s worked well for me. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the heads up. It’s nice to hear it works for you. My biggest traffic day almost everywhere is usually Tuesday – with Mon and Thurs close behind, so it makes sense to add to those days.

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