Cease & Desist Sent Via Twitter, Come On…

Burger King didn’t like the Twitter username whoppervirgins, so they sent a cease and desist notice – via Twitter. Or did they, maybe it’s just a ploy to get some linkage from the blogosphere? Techdirt dug it up, and asks why no one nabbed this Twitter username when the ad campaign with the same name rolled out?

My bet is that the C&D isn’t entirely serious…

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  • It probably is a PR stunt — although a smart one by BK. Not only do they get the attention of Twitter users, they also ensure bloggers will write about the ploy and traditional media will report on the bloggers. During this time, free advertising is always welcome.

  • The BK item may be more than just a publicity stunt. A day prior to the Twitter message, an Australian court ruled Facebook could be used to send foreclosure notices. This could be just a U.S. test case to extend the 2006 ruling by a New York court which made e-mail a valid delivery method of legal service.

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