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CEO Jane Boardman Departs M&C Saatchi Talk

CEO Jane Boardman Departs M&C Saatchi Talk

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Boardman Departs Saatchi

Jane Boardman, the CEO of M&C Saatchi Talk, has decided to bid farewell to the company and explore new chapters outside the realm of public relations. This decision comes not from any company conflicts, but from a personal desire to take on new challenges. Her next move is a bit of a mystery, sparking curiosity among industry insiders.

Regardless of her departure, Boardman leaves behind a strong legacy at M&C Saatchi Talk, and her absence will undoubtedly be felt. The task to find an equally capable successor is now on the company’s agenda. Meanwhile, the company will be led by the co-founder and COO, Ryan Woor.

Boardman, a key figure in the growth of M&C Saatchi Talk, had previously led the emergence of Talk.Global in the fashion and lifestyle sectors for almost two decades before merging with M&C Saatchi Talk. The influence of her leadership has guided the company to significant success, creating an attractive proposition for clients across different sectors.

At the same time, M&C Saatchi Talk has its sights set on making strategic changes to cope with declining UK revenues. The company plans to concentrate on its ‘Passion’ division, consisting of M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and Talent enterprise, aiming for increased collaboration between departments to maximize resources and productivity.

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Ryan Woor suggests a global expansion for M&C Saatchi Talk, with other M&C Saatchi PR agencies potentially adopting the Talk brand. This could lead to a major shift in the international PR landscape, uniting all the agencies under one global brand.

Jane Boardman, praised for her significant contribution to M&C Saatchi Talk and the PR industry as a whole, retires with an OBE honor for her work in fashion and beauty sectors. As she steps away, she expresses pride in her past achievements and hints towards a future goal of supporting growth in the beauty industry.

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