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ChatRoulette Debuts New Problem Riddled Interface

ChatRoulette Debuts New Problem Riddled Interface

ChatRouletteWhen a site goes down for a week with the promise of debuting a new, more streamlined interface, I would in the least expect that site to launch with something usable if not improved, but that isn’t the case with popular random video chat site ChatRoulette.

It’s obvious that ChatRoulette had problems with their new integration, considering they originally planned a one day down time which quickly turned into seven days.

The new version offers an interface that’s nothing short of confusion. For example, you can now drag video windows around the screen, but there are no instructions on the site explaining that feature, you can also resize those images by grabbing their upper right corners or by dragging the size of the chat window to make it smaller, again features not showcased in writing or video demonstrations on the website.

Throw in the fact that to get a new video you have to refresh the page or hit the unmarked button above the chat box and video/audio options only show up if you hover over the chat box and it’s easy to see that the new design has not gone over without a bunch of hiccups that shout alpha testing.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like the ability to place chat windows where I want and to change their sizes, which actually worked pretty well, but there’s no instructions and I couldn’t get video to load (hence the black boxes).

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Here’s a closer look at the new interface where I have dragged the window size to make them equal, while decreasing the chat area:

ChatRoulette View

Have you had the chance to take a look at the new ChatRoulette? If you have let us know what you think about the new interface. Heck let us know if you could even get the site to work because I can’t with a fully functioning 20MB cable connection.

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