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Cheer Detergent Rolls Out Interactive YouTube Video

Cheer Detergent Rolls Out Interactive YouTube Video

Cheers YouTube Clickable VideoCheer detergent on Monday rolled out a new type of YouTube campaign that marks a first for the social video network. Using YouTube technology users can click on certain parts of the video to be taken to a non-Youtube website where they can win prizes.

The Climbing Walls video by Strange Talk features colorful objects that users can click on to win prices that includes socks, dress and a Fender Stratocaster among various other items.

Procter & Gamble brand manager Jason Wiedemann says that while various other YouTube videos have offered clickable links, those links have always led to other locations, while the Cheer links take users to a Facebook app for the company where users can register the items they have “dug.”

Cheer has recently decided to place 100% of their marketing funds into the digital space in the hopes of grabbing a younger, more digitally savvy audience. 

After Proctor & Gamble turned Old Spice around with a mix of digital presentation and humor it’s no wonder they are attempting to reinvent the Cheer brand in the same manner.

Here’s the Cheer video featuring Strange Talk and their song Climbing Walls:

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Do you think the Cheer YouTube campaign has the chance to grab the type of hype surrounding the “Old Spice Guy?”

While I don’t think it will reach those levels, the idea of clickable marketing within YouTube videos could lead to better marketing in the future. Imagine clicking on a pair of shoes you really like in a music video and then being taken to their product page, that type of technology is still being perfected and Cheer is definitely helping test a users willingness to engage via streaming video.

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