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Children of Winer promoting buttons

Children of Winer promoting buttons

The Children of Dave Winer, sometimes referred to as the Church of Winerality, have started a new drive to heal the sinners who worship at the temple of Mena or the house of Matt by allowing them to repent their sins by placing “We worship Dave Winer” buttons on thier blogs in a homage to his lordship, the high and mighty grand poobah and knight of the cactus Userland Dave Winer, who himself last week proclaimed he was more popular than Jesus.

Spokesperson, the Reverend Brian Bailey, who is also a Web Director at Fellowship Church and occasionally blogs at the temple of Mena, said that the button campaign was about converting others to the Church of Winerality.

“Dave is great, Dave is god, we worship the ground he walks on” babbled Rev. Bailey.

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Update: somebody claiming to be Adam Curry just sent this alternative button through

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