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Chitika and b5media Announce Premium Ads Partnership

Chitika and b5media Announce Premium Ads Partnership

Chitika’s Premium Ads offering will be available across the whole b5media network, being “over 350 hight quality websites and blogs” according to the press release. Naturally, both parties are happy with the partnership deal.

Having already proven to deliver a significant boost in overall revenue for untargeted ad placements, the Premium Ads program is being adopted throughout the b5media network. “We found Chitika’s Premium Ads relevancy coupled with the high CPM yield to be uniquely suited for our entire network” says Jeremy Wright, CEO b5media. “The most interesting aspect of Chitika’s new Premium ad program is that the ads will only show up when there is a targeted and relevant offer to the user, which in turn helps deliver higher ad revenue for us.”

Only showing relevant ads is a good thing, in my book.

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  • Hopefully this will also benefit other blogs and websites using Chitika ads. If more advertisers come to Chitika because they want to advertise on b5media blogs then it will mean (potentially) more money to all sites using Chitika.

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