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Chris Pearson releases new WordPress theme: Cutline

Chris Pearson releases new WordPress theme: Cutline

Chris Pearson, who designed the current version of The Blog Herald, has released a new WordPress theme that he’s calling Cutline.

Cutline is a great way to get a Pearson designed theme on your blog with a sharp looking layout and some great featured. Check it out at

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  • Wow! That is nice. It’s crisp, clean, simple and distinct. I don’t think I have seen a theme that does a better job of presenting content clearly without muddying the water or stealing the show.

    Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. If word gets out that this theme is available for free, everyone will be using it. ;-)

    Actually, the cool thing about this theme is that everyone could use it and it would still seem unique. It really forces the content to be the star.

    Good job.

  • Chris already knows how I feel about his theme. But I thought I should post anyway as a real life user of PressRow, the theme before Cutline. Personally I couldn’t imagine a better theme for my blog. As Hob said it’s clean. I’ve had several people tell me the look of the PressRow theme fits my blog perfectly.

    If I get the courage up I’ll be transforming to the Cutline theme. It’s like PressRow on steroids.

    Chris is a talented guy. I wish him all the luck in the world on his new venture Tubetorial.

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